Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost in the Skies

Cook Inlet , originally uploaded by Lilmsmrtas.

What a dreamy sunset, I know that was mushy. I did really enjoy it though... I finally got a Flikr account. Ms. Heidi would be sooooo proud...If she ever read my blog lol...I'm not sure anyone reads my little rants... maybe i should be leaving comments...oops hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Day...

Ahhh yes another day... exept i'm getting paid for not being at work... that rocks! so cross your fingers for me I'm still waiting to hear about a new job at work, at least an interveiw for it. *doin a dance* It is going to be a great opportunity, unfortunetly i'm hoping the female thing doesnt get in the way. only because it's int. tech support and I think there are a bunch of geeky guys...but don't hold me to that. just a thought. maybe I will be surprised. but still I hope I get the job . And I'm going to start protesting that no one is reading my blog anymore! I know it's because I never comment on anyone's blog...i'm terrible.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland...

So the cold wind has started to blow in from the north, there is a soft white blanket covering most every ones lawn with a few pieces of green making one last effort to show through the snow. yay! 6 months of wet cold feet. blowing wind and we go again! but that is why we love this place right?.... I want summer lol...I want to go camping again... now! nice try right?

I think more or less I've gotten my self back into my rythm of working and paying bill taking care of things, and now I just need someone to keep me warm for the winter hehe. I wish, I am so wrapped up in work that I forgot about the litttle things i keep meaning to catch up on.... oh well I will get around to them all eventually. things like buying stamps for letters I have to mail...who mails letters anymore...i don't have stamps do you?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Connections in Blog land...

Here we go through our week of change in Los Anchorage. The leaves started changing last weekend and now we have full blown Fall. Is everyone ready for winter??? I think i am *knock on wood* did the snow tires thing...that was at the top of the list next is getting my back, back in shape...I sooooo don't want take a fall this winter and...mmm...yea just makes me hurt thinking about it....anyhow Just saying hi there I'm back in blog land. woohooo!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random post...

So things are going OK, I'm currently having issues with my Back and hips. But I am working through it slowly but surely. It is keeping me out of work but dividends are going to save my but. I am kinda looking forward to paying bills...yay fun . I think I'm going to invest in a laptop with part of it though, I really miss having my own computer and I would love to be able to take it with me where ever I go.

I am currently a little distraught over the political issues going on in our country but that's politics... I think that they are being a little rough on Sara Palin. When I first started listening to Obama I was all for it... but now that I think about it and listen I have this deeps seeded hate for the man and I don't know him but he is way too good to be true and he needs to go back where he came from and quit trying to compete with the VP candidate. his rival is Mcain he has just run out of thing to pull the negative out of so he is going to pull things apart word for word.

It is really sad that to the rest of the USA Alaska is so mysterious...It's nice in some ways...but really they know nothing about us...and to those of you that are not in Alaska until you have really looked at what Palin has done for this state you need to do some history research and realize that yes people change their mind but most of all Palin is for the people she wants people to have the choice and for our government to be run by the people in this country and not the twisted politicians that we currently have running our government, I'm not saying it's going to work but pleeeease!....

Anyhow enough of that I'm going to go read some more news....laters.